Blonde Vs Brunette

It’s a never ending battle.

I get the urge to change my hair colour literally every single year. Now, I know that doesn’t sound often but for a blonde girl it is. You have to mentally prepare yourself. Psych yourself up, find hundreds of photos of exactly how you want it to look, consider the consequences of not liking it and – incase of the worst case scenario – review the lengthy, and painful, process of how to get it back to how it was before you made the god awful decision.

Luckily, I’m never brave enough to do it. I sorta half-ass it and allow my hair a break from the bleach, whilst I decide I’m “just gonna go back blonde” when in all honesty, I never really left.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Last year I took a break from being fully blonde. I’m fortunate enough that I can allow my hair to just grow out and actually be complimented on it and asked “who does your ombré?!” – FYI, the answer is me, I grew it myself. I’ve spoken about my hair dresser before and she is a diamond. I think she probably asked me “are you sure?” about 7 times before eventually putting a dark blonde on my hair. ***Bonus if your hairdresser is like mine and understands what your hair means to you, if yours doesn’t – I’d suggest you book in with mine.

Taking a break from the bleach

This was the best thing I could’ve done. My hair has repaired itself, grown and thickened. It’s now ready to hit the bottle and get my golden locks back for summer. If you can brave a few darker blonde months for the sake of your hair, I’d highly recommend it.

The reality of a blonde going brown

Brunettes will never know the s t r u g g l e us blondes faces just to dye our hair dark. I mean, you’d think the math would be straight forward – you don’t need to be a hair dresser to figure that one out. Well it turns out, you do. My hair simply refuses to go dark. When I say dark, I mean anything from chocolate to black. Don’t get my wrong, I’m not the the blondest of blondes as it is but I’m still blonde and have been since I was a little girl.

In school I tried the old wash-in/wash-out box dyes on my lovely untouched, thick, naturally highlighted, long hair and lord knows it went DARK – now I’m talking real dark. I liked it for a while, it wasn’t terrible but definitely borderline Wednesday Addams at one point. Also, I learned the hard way that wash-in/wash-outs don’t actually wash-out like they’re supposed to so I resorted to getting highlights for the last 8 years.

I can only assume the box dye took so well to my hair because it was untouched but after years of bleaching my hair it took a few trips to the salon to even become a dark blonde. The complete opposite of when I went dark the first time?! Of course, this defeated the object of me wanting to stray from the blonde for a while – to give my hair a break – because I was actually visiting the salon more. So over the Christmas period I just gave it a break and it was the best thing I could’ve done.

Blonde is for summer, brunette is for winter

Now I’m at that point where I need to start getting a little balayage, maybe a few highlights here and there, if I wanna be blonde by summer. And I’m already thinking I want brown hair, AGAIN. I think it’s a matter of wanting what I can’t have! I get so jealous of girls with dark features and gorgeous brunette hair but it’s just not me.

Any tips on maintaining healthy, thick blonde hair would be appreciated because this is a catch 22 situation for me!

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