Woman Wednesday #WW


Second week nominating a #WW and it is going to Samantha Faiers.

I love seeing other women have such a close bond with their mum and sister because, fortunately, I am lucky enough to have that. To see it play out in somebody else’s life is really heartwarming. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes you can look at celebrities and long for the life they live but to know you are just as lucky as them is really fulfilling. Mind you – it’s safe to say we aren’t on the same salary so maybe not that lucky, eh!

I have always been a TOWIE fan, literally from the very start, and seem to have watched Sam grow from a gobby girl to a doting mum – all in the public eye which I guess is harder.image

If you read my blog you will see that I am struggling with the maintenance blonde hair needs and am swaying to the dark side – dun dun dunnn! By no means do I want to go dark dark, but a caramelly light brown would be perfect. In fact Sam’s hair is exactly what I’m aiming for. I see gorgeous blonde hair all over my instagram and I stop myself from booking that salon appointment because I know the effort it will take to get back to that. Then again, I know it is doable if I hate being brunette – it’s a catch 22!

When I look at Sam’s hair transformation it reassures me just how much better/healthier/nurished her hair looks now she has ditched the bleach and I much prefer her with light brown hair!

Take a look yourself and tell me what you prefer?


I don’t know how she and Billie manage to carry pregnancy so well – must be good genes – but Sam is glowing right now. I am in awe of baby Paul, he looks like a little cherub and always dressed to impress, bless his heart. I wonder what the next one will look like, only time will tell!

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